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Good beer and merry cheer

25 Dec



There’s nothing like good ‘ole charitable events and thoughtless generosity right around the holidays to remind us what it’s really all about: Beer.  Wait, I meant hope, peace and love.  Ok, maybe some beer too.

            That’s exactly what the “Pour to Restore” event held over the weekend on Staten Island was all about—giving back to the community.  And thanks to the creativity and commraderie of a bunch of local home-brewers, the event was a success and raised close to 3K for the employees of Staten Island University Hospital who were affected by Super storm Sandy. 

            Sean Torres, President of the Pour Standards Home-brew Club on Staten Island organized the event along with other members of the club, Philip Gardner and Doug Williams. 

On Sunday at 120 Bay Café on the North Shore of the borough that was greatly impacted by October’s storm, about 20 home-brewers from around New York City and even New Jersey, offered attendees pours of their brews.  Raffle tickets were sold with the chance to win an introductory home-brewing kit from Brooklyn Homebrew or an introductory home-brewing class from Brooklyn’s Bitter & Esters. 

The brews ranged from standard American Pale Ales and IPA’s to more experimental brews like a “Belgian Patersbier,” and a Spearmint Chocolate Stout. Some brewers even got a little cheeky with their names, like Terrence O’Brien and Dave Haber whose “Filthy Little Birch,” a Birch Ale, had a label of “Sandy” from Grease.  The home-brewers at the event didn’t mind giving a little sucker punch to the storm and embodied the spirit of perseverance.  It’s amazing what a little home-brew can do! 

Check out our photos from the event and go to http://www.pourtorestore.com/ to see a list of participating home-brewers and what they made.