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Homebrew Alley VII…

21 Jan


Maybe you’ve been home-brewing for a while or just started recently.  Either way, here’s your chance to enter your first local competition of the new year!

Beginning this weekend (January 18th) and up until February 1st, you can drop off your entries at Brooklyn Homebrew or Bitter & Esters (both in Brooklyn) or Jimmy’s No. 43 in Manhattan, as well as two locations on Long Island.  If you would like to enter this competition, you have 2 weeks to do so!

The competition is open to anyone (you do not have to be a Guild member) and will be held on February 9th at the Alewife Queens

There will also be some great prizes, including gift certificates to Brooklyn Homebrew and Bitter & Esters, and a “Brewmaster’s Choice Award,” chosen and presented by the Head Brewer (Pete Dickson) and Brewmaster (Jan Matysiak) of Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn.  The winner of this award will be invited to brew 15 bbls of their award-winning recipe at Sixpoint’s facility in Redhook. 

Of course, the beer must be made at home and will be judged as per the 2008 BJCP style guidelines.  For each entry submitted, there is a $7 fee and for every beer you enter, two twelve to twenty-two ounce brown or green glass bottles must be submitted together and dropped off (or mailed in) to the appropriate locations. For more detailed information and entry requirements, check out www.homebrewalley.org

So what is the benefit of entering a home-brew competition?  While I’ve only ever entered one (“The Queen of Hops” last November in New Jersey), I think there are many advantages to entering, whether you are a novice or experienced homebrewer. 

First off, there’s the feedback you receive from the judges, usually BJCP certified ones.  This way, you can find out what you did right, or perhaps, wrong, so you can fix it in the future.  Brewing is a learning process and while you may think you’re beer tastes amazing, there may be off-flavors you aren’t detecting or you may have strayed too much from the style.  Things like color, aroma, and mouthfeel are all important when judging a beer, whether it is your own or someone else’s.    

In addition, there’s great commraderie behind the homebrewers participating in the competition.  The New York City Homebrewers Guild is a great organization that meets monthly and has been around for long time.  If you started home-brewing recently, perhaps consider joining a local home-brewing club in your area. 

While here at “Two Girls One Pint,” we are unsure whether we’ll be entering, we definitely will be attending the Homebrew Alley VII awards ceremony at the Alewife Queens.  This is just the first of many home-brewing events we hope to attend and participate in this coming year!