Brooklyn Brewery Cans Now Available at “Public Fare,” at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park

15 Jun

Fifty years ago, the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park became home to Joe Papp’s dream of making “highbrow” theatre available to everyone regardless of income, by establishing “Shakespeare in the Park,” which takes place every summer.  One year ago, Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale became available in a can and offered a new way for craft beer-drinkers to enjoy a summer classic, described as an English-style “light dinner ale,” joining their flagship Brooklyn Lager and making NY summers even better.  How are these two things related?  Well, over the weekend, while participating in what I now consider to be one of my own personal summer traditions, I was able to watch “As You Like It,” on a beautiful NYC summer night in Central Park while drinking Brooklyn Summer Ale out of a can.  This added to the enjoyable experience of seeing a magnificent Lily Rabe as Rosalind set to a foot-stomping blue-grass soundtrack written by Steve Martin.   

 “Public Fare,” the concessionaire available at the theatre has been open for a few years now, part of Danny Meyer’s foodie empire.  In the past, the beer choices sold at the Fare were rather “uncultured” and included overpriced plastic bottles of Bud and Bud Light or Stella on draft—leaving the summer theatre-goer little choice (of course there is always a BYOB option—no glass).  Now, with the addition of Brooklyn Lager and Summer Ale in cans, your Shakespeare In the Park experience just got a whole lot tastier.  Because what goes better with good theatre than good beer?  Plus, one deserves a nice can of Brooklyn after waiting all morning in the NYC summer sun to get tickets. “To Craft, or not to Craft,” is thankfully no longer a question. 



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